Sunday, 10 February 2008

Since I already wrote this...Part 1

I posted this on someone elses comment section ( and thought, hold on... I've already written this, I might as well use it on my own blog... so here it is...

In response to the question of what podcasts to we listen to, here is my reply:

Hey Jim!
I too have let podcasts take over my life. As a postal worker, processing mail, I listen to podcasts for over 8 hours a day!! Because of this, I need a variety of ‘casts, and I really prefer ones which are 30 min or less, to keep the pace up. I also tend to prefer the “homemade” podcasts, where “real” people like me seem to be having fun podcasting. It gives me hope for my future podcast. Here are some I’ve found in the last 3 years that I’ve been listening to podcasts:

Podcastpaul and This Week in London are a great mix of music, friendly chat and the occasional holiday in a caravan. Paul Nicholls and Paul Parkinson are mates in real life, and have both had their families involved in some of their shows. Janet Parkinson (Geek Girl on The Flashing 12 Podcast) is so genuine, you'd like them to move in next door. Love these guys, and hope to meet them and their families someday.
Bell’s In the Batfry with John Bell This is great family friendly skit comedy. Listen from the beginning of show One.


Playing For Keeps- by Mur Lafferty (@mightymur on Twitter) A wonderfully read tale of a Third Waver trying to lead a “normal” life in a world filled with super heros and villains.

Billibub Baddings and the Singing Sword - by Tee Morris, author of Podcasting for Dummies.


The Tartanpodcast with Mark Hunter. Within the Tartanpodcast feed are the Sleepy Sunday shows, Mellow Monday shows and some spotlight shows. Great independent bands from Scotland such as Finniston, Amplifico and Hollow Horse, just to name a few. Mark also has some “talking” podcasts under his “Mark My Words,” . Mark has moved on to doing podcasts for the Association for International Cancer Research, which are very informative and cover a different type of cancer each podcast.

Three from Leith with Grant Mason…

Old Time Radio Shows
Adventures of Inspector Maigret
Old Time Radio Detectives
Old Time Radio Mysteries

I just discovered the Ask a Ninja podcast which is brilliant, clever and short… must be seen to be understood.

the next post has more from this

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