Monday, 21 April 2008

Fire on the Grove

Last week, I got a lot of tweets from people in Boise about something being called "Fire on the Grove". I'm not sure if this was an "official" name for it, but...

As a semi-hermit, I decided to venture out of my cave to see what was going on. It was a beautiful, warm night in Boise, and so after a bite to eat at Pollo Rey and dessert from Cold Stone, I wandered over to the Grove fountain area to do a little people watching while waiting for sunset. Since fire was going to be involved, sunset was the appointed starting time.

There were quite a few "stilt" people, as in the picture above, who were wandering around, working the crowd before the show. It reminded me of the late 60's carnival troupes who busked for money wherever the wind took them.

At 8:30, the appointed hour of sundown, after about 15 min of their band playing pretty good music, the stilters came out to wow the crowd.


Scott B said...

You are correct, "Fire on the Grove" was the name of the event. Lawrence Collins ( and Mark Ickes ( were the organizers. We brought folks in from Portland, Salem, and Bend to have fun with the local Boise folks for this fun event! I know I have a blast!

Tiggr said...

Thanks for the contact info!

Tim (@Twalk) Walker said...

Neat! You'll recall my tweets from Boise when I was there a couple of months ago. (Wow - has it been that long?) It was neat to be staying next door to The Grove; even though I didn't see any events there, the area is very nice, and my friends and I enjoyed hitting the restaurants & bars in the area. Boise treated me so well that I've been looking for excuses to go back.

Cheers -- and have a sandwich & brew at Gernika for me!