Thursday, 5 June 2008

Road Trip Part II

Well, day 2 and I made it to Sandy Yago in one piece. Just shy of 1100 miles via I-15, the driving part was pretty uneventful. South of Salt Lake City, there was a truck fire on the northbound side, firefighters on scene, nothing left of the cab of the semi... I hope the driver got out ok.

There were dozens of hawks, falcons and eagles along I-15. The drafts from the hot air gave them roller coasters of currents to play on
I saw two license plates that caught my attention to the point I wrote them down so I wouldn't forget them.

One was in Idaho, east of Twin...     SODFTHR   hmmm shades of a dirty Adam Curry (ok that's a podcasting joke)
The second was harder to do without symbols, but I'll try...  MAN U R
I read it at Manchester United Lover, but they may just be into manure... with a heart stuck between the U and the R. As I was driving by with my POMPEY tags, I thought of extending the international sign of goodwill, but it was an older woman driving, and made the sexist assumption that it was her husbands SUV and she'd have no idea who Pompey was, and why I was gesturing at her.
OK, also because I've never given the bird to another driver in my life, and I'd feel stupid.

I did drive through a sand storm today, and amazingly, the majority of the traffic actually slowed down and maintained a safe distance. I mean, like 45 mph versus the 80 mph they were doing before.

Buying 89 octane each time, I paid $3.99 in Boise, and up to $4.45 in Victorville.

Tomorrow, the assorted wedding guests (well, ones that I know, anyway) start trickling in. I have a pickup at 6pm. Inbetween checkout of the Navy Lodge and airport time, I will go over to the USS Midway (CV-41) and take pictures for my "3rd" son, Casey. He was stationed onboard her 10 years ago, and has fond memories. I'll post the pics in the next posting.

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