Saturday, 21 January 2012

The cat Who Roared

This week we got our first decent snowfall of the winter. Great for the local ski resort, not so great for my yard. My back boundary is at a slight decline from the street, so when the 5+ inches of fluffy whiteness started to melt, it was like living with a moat and no drawbridge.

Early yesterday morning, as the snow continued to melt, I was lying snuggled in my bed, and EVILCAT ( names have been changed to protect the innocent) bit me, a clear indication that he wanted me up for something.

E.C. Jumped off the bed, sniffing at corners of the room, scratching on papers, and generally acting like he needed to "go". I picked him up, prepared to toss him out the back door ( the same door with the cat flap, sheesh).

But, nooooooooo. As I got closer to the door, he started climbing onto y shoulder, claws doing what cat claws do best, and jumped off me, and ran. Ok, so there was an inch of rain water at the back door. I got the message. I needed a litter box and QUICK!!! Grabbing an empty boot box (thank you Columbia boots) and my recycle bag, I shredded enough used envelopes to do the trick, then deposited you-know-who in the box.

Whew... He got the message, but not until I had walked away a few steps and averted my glance. Cats do NOT like to be stared at during delicate acts. Accident averted.

Before heading off to work, I sidetracked to the drug store and picked up a disposable aluminum turkey pan and kitty litter. This I assembled and showed to the cat, hoping he'd get the gist of this shiny new commode.

After work and as soon as I got home, I checked for tell-tail (pun intended) signs of litter usage. Nothing. Not one footprint, not any gravel on the carpet around the pan. On the other paw, no signs that he'd stayed inside the house for a second full day either, if you get my drift...

Fast forward to the next morning.............

No biting to wake me up! I say EC asleep at the foot of my bed- hmmm normal activity. I got up, made my coffee, fed the beasties and went to turn on the puter--- and there it was! The ultimate in kitty appreciation-- a dead rodent! Possibly a short tailed mouse- possibly a baby vole or mole... But definitely a present, delicately placed right where I'd be sure to see it, in front of my computer chair. Awwwwwww

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