Sunday, 25 May 2008

An alternative to Television

.... or ... what to do if you are bored...

As I've said before, I'm a G.I.T. (a Geek in Training) and I love discovering new sites on the web. Thanks to my Twitter friends, I've disovered which has an array of live shows at any particular time of day. Some are pretty cheezy... such as live cam of some college kid sleeping, but there are some pretty interesting shows also.

For example:

Fr. Roderick, who does quite a few podcasts for his SQPN network, keeps his cam going while going about his daily routine. Sometimes you can watch him recording his podcast The Daily Breakfast, to name one in particular, but often he is just in his office doing paperwork, working on his next sermon, or rearranging his office computer equipment.

Fr. Roderick is such a regular guy, it doesn't matter if you are Catholic or not, you can enhance your life knowledge just by listening/watching. His enthusiasm for all things geeky is contagious. Catch the bug!!

His other podcasts include The Secrets of Harry Potter, The Secrets of Narnia, The Healthy Catholic and others.

You can also watch a live fish tank and a hamster habitat, but one of my favorite live cams is from the Canadian Peregrine Foundation, which has been following the development of falcon eggs in a nesting box outside the window of an office building.

The chicks are several weeks old now, and have ventured out of the box (so to speak), but are still on the ledge. You can tell from the video that this is not a ground floor window.

Discover! It's fantastic. Follow them on twitter at or me at or Fr. Roderick at

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