Sunday, 25 May 2008

The Death of a Common Man

JR Simplot died today at the age of 99. If I accomplish in my entire life what he did before the age of 21, it will be a miracle. "JR" as he was known by everyone in Idaho was the epitome of the self-made man, a humble family man who had the respect and admiration of those who came across him in one way or another.

His innovation just in the frozen potato (french fry) business would have been enough to satisfy any one person, but not for JR. He branched out into all areas of food processing, both meat and vegetables, but locally, most children know him for what he gave back to the community. From the Simplot athetlic fields in the Columbia Village subdivision to Simplot Stadium in Caldwell, and so much more than can be mentioned here, JR believed in Idaho and Idahoans.

He lived a rich life, and not just with dollars. He will be missed by family, friends and strangers alike.

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