Sunday, 13 July 2008

Jelly Belly Heaven

When I planned my drive to San Francisco in April for a Navy weekend, I left early enough in the day to get (I hoped) to the Jelly Belly Factory in Fairfield, CA before it closed. I knew the last tour was at 4pm, and the store closed at 5pm, but I was remembering it as being closer to Sacremento than San Francisco. Boy, was I off by 100 miles!! Fortunately, I arrived right at 4:45, in plenty of time to buy a few pounds of Jelly Bellies!!!

If you EVER have a chance to go through this tour, or the one at the Midwest factory, do it!! It is a fascinating tour, well run, and great for all ages. When I took the tour 10 years ago, I had my then 18 yo son with me and since we had already taken the Alcatraz tour that morning, I gave him the option of staying in the car and sleeping, or going in with me. He came in, and admitted afterwards, it was one of the best tours he'd ever done. Well! Who'd've thunk??

In the lobby of the Gift Shop, where the tour begins and ends, there is a very nice art collection up on the walls, all made from the different flavors of Jelly Bellys. Here are a couple of them that I was able to take pics of as I was leaving.

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