Thursday, 16 July 2009

It's over, done, finis, kaput even

Well, the voting for the Nickelodeon Best of... contest concluded yesterday July 15, 2009. Winners will be announced tomorrow, July 17th.

In advance of any knowledge of results, let me please thank everyone who voted for me. From Twitteratti to Pompey Till I Die forum members; from Sydney, Australia to Portsmouth, England, and many points inbetween, you put up with my many reminders to vote for this blog over the last 70+ days, and for this I'm very grateful, astonished and humbled.

Barring any hanging chads or post-mortem (sp) voting from the Chicago precincts, lol, we should have a pretty good showing.

Again, thanks for your support, and I'll post the results tomorrow after I get them!!

Now, as for the picture...
1. What is this building used for?
2. What installation is it's home?
3. What city/state is it in?
4. Name the famous "busted" peak nearby...

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