Tuesday, 25 August 2009

A Message from Scotland

I post this blog as a Scotsman and I think I speak for the overwhelming majority of the Scottish public.

I have heard today that there are calls in the United States to boycott Scottish goods and I must say this is perfectly understandable in the circumstances. However, I would implore all of my American friends and colleagues not to take this action.

I completely understand your anger at the release of Abdul Baset Ali al-Megrahi and I completely agree with the sentiment that he should never have been released from jail, regardless of illness or suffering. This decision was taken by the Scottish Government and is certainly not compliant with the thoughts or wishes of the Scottish people who are outraged at recent events. EVERY Scottish person I have spoken to about this vehemently objects to his release and fully support the notion that he should not be free and, he should certainly have been returned to a heros welcome in Libya. Everyone I have spoken to agrees that the suffering caused to the families of the victims far outweighs the "suffering" endured by al-Megrahi.

I hope there is a vote of no confidence in the Scottish Parliament and, I hope First Minister Alex Salmond is true to his word and resigns when the vote goes against him. I further hope that Prime Minister Gordon Brown suffers a similar fate, his refusal to comment on the matter is typical of his lack of leadership and buck-passing. The resignation of both would be a very small positive in what is one of the biggest mistakes made by this country in many years.

My thoughts (and that of all my Scottish friends and associates) goes out to the families of the victims of Pan Am Flight 103 and every other victim of acts of terrorism around the World. It's a great pity that the most notable thing our ineffective government has ever done is an act of outright betrayal.

I would ask all American readers of this blog to pass it on to your friends and family, the decent people of Scotland are 100% behind you. I would also ask any Scottish readers to link to the blog or paste it into their blog, it is important that the World knows that, like the bombing of Pan Am 103, this was the action of very few people but will leave a scar on so many.

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