Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Have you got what it takes?

Do you dream of being a professional soccer player?

Believe In Destiny...
The Anaheim Bolts are a proud member of the Anaheim Professional Sports community. The last time professional indoor soccer called Anaheim home was in 1997 with the now defunct Anaheim Splash.   
Pro Indoor Soccer Has Returned!
  "Believe in Destiny"
“Believe in Destiny” is a phrase that has been created from the founding members of the Bolts organization and will be engulfed in all initiatives of the organization.  
Believe is to have the belief in something or someone. 
All members of the Bolts organization believe in this organization and all of its endeavors. From the ownership group to the players, we have a belief in this organization. Every person that is hired must believe in the organization and will do their part with this belief. 
The Bolts organization will be a high energy machine that operates at full voltage all the time. As an organization we are doing everything possible to make the Bolts a success for ourselves, but also for the city of Anaheim and surrounding communities. 
With all beliefs you must have something to believe in. In our organization it is Destiny.
Destiny has brought us all here and brought the Bolts to Anaheim. Destiny is difficult to explain, but when destiny aligns things in a manner that can be explained, then you know it is right. Destiny has a tough way of letting you know if what you are doing is right, but in the case of the Anaheim Bolts it couldn’t be more right!

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