Thursday, 26 July 2012

If I had a magic wand...

I would be in this video

Since I'm not, I'm heading up to the Sun Valley/Ketchum area to shop for my first Scottevest items which I will be taking on my 11 day trip in October. Scottevest is carried only at one location, Silver Creek Outfitters, three hours away, but it's hot out, but it'll be cooler up in the Sawtooth Mountains.
I'm not an easy person to fit, so I'm going to try the Scottevest items on to see which size they say I am.

I'm going to try and not carry anything on the plane but my purse, and if you've listened to my podcast, you know that I don't travel gadget free, lol.

Full disclosure. I have no sponsors. Anything I review on here or on my podcast (Boise and Beyond Podcast) is paid for out of my own pocket, good and bad alike.

But if I did have a sponsor...

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