Monday, 6 August 2012

This morning I posted the following to my Facebook page. I hadn't had my coffee yet, lol... It got quite a lot of comments from my British friends, most of whom I know "in real life". Enjoy. Comment if you like!

The "Trending Ariticle" I get to see first thing this morning is titled "Boring Olympic Opening Ceremony Should Bar London From Hosting For 68 More Years" from the Washington Post Social Reader. I'm sorry, no I'm not, but I won't dignify it with a click to read how some snooty DC reporter who is too young to know about, let alone remember, our over 400 year history with Great Britain. The ceremo
nies were thoughtful, colorful (or colourful, lol), educational and above all, showed the diversity of the four countries which make Great Britain... great.

Just because YOU, dear reporter, didn't know who all the people were, as I didn't, there is this great invention called GOOGLE and WIKIPEDIA where you can be educated without leaving the comfort of your cubicle for this other place called a LIBRARY.

I watched the ceremonies not on NBC, but the BBC, so I got it without commercial interruption, without sections cut out "for time allowances", and without the inane comments by "professional" hosts getting paid more for their coverage than I make in a year.

Please excuse the air quotes.

Oh, and I haven't had my coffee yet, can you tell?? Will you even read this far?? Bwuaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahaha!!!

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