Tuesday, 11 September 2012

September 11th

Today is the anniversary of the World Trade Center attacks by hijacked airplanes. 11 years have gone by and though Facebook has many pictures posted of the Twin Towers, the Pentagon and even a few from the Pennsylvania site, this simple video from Budweiser captures the simplicity of our grief.

The following Budweiser commercial was made after 9/11. It was aired only once so as not to benefit financially from it. It's a lovely tribute acknowledging the event.

So, while we remember the several thousand killed in New York City, the Pentagon and a field in Pennsylvania, remember how we all felt on September 12th. Remember the feeling of unity and patriotism that spread across the nation. Remember the flags which were waving everywhere we looked. No one asked which party was at fault, if any, we all pulled together to heal. On the anniversary of that day, remember September 11, 2001, but BE the person you were on September 12th.

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