Sunday, 29 March 2015

Coding and Breaking the Code

As I was watching the morning news/chat show, Zach Sims,the CEO of Codecademy was a guest. The subject was preparing todays students for the jobs of tomorrow. Too many organizations have jobs which cannot be filled with qualified applicants, and conversely, too many students graduate without the necessary skills to qualify for higher paying positions. Consequently, graduates today seek out jobs rather than career positions with futures.

Zach (may I be so bold as to call him by his first name?) spoke about his Codeacademy, an online coding training site. Starting at the beginning, this site takes the beginner with no knowledge of HTML through a series of exercises, or courses, and introduces them to the fundamentals of building a website, then onwards.

I have started the "Build A Website" course, and will be reporting on my progress here. As a 50+ non-programmer, I want to see how far I can get before I get totally frustrated with a strictly online tutorial.

I had a chat with my now 12 year old grandson about what to think about taking in school when he has a chance to choose classes, starting next year. My advice was, shortened for this blog, to find something that breaks and learn how to fix it. Be it bridges (Structural Engineering), plumbing, computers, etc., people pay to have others fix their problems. This includes medicine, law and landscapers.

As I progress (or give up) through this Codecademy, I will be considering whether it is a good site for him to learn also. As signing up is free, I will also learn at what point a fee is involved, if ever. 

More on this as I progress...

future CodeMonkey in training...


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