Monday, 23 March 2015

Out and About in Boise

Looking at the date of my last blog, I can see it's been over two years since I posted. Can this really be true??? I humbly apologize.

It's not like I've been confined to my bed for the last 3 years. No, I've been to new places, Paris, Puerto Rico, New York City, and the Dominican Republic. I've been to some places I have already been to, Washington, D.C., Honolulu, DisneyWorld and Atlanta, Georgia. So, to make it up to anyone who followed this blog in the past, here I go:

This past weekend I did a little geocaching around Boise. While I was finding a few caches, I came across this mini library in a neighborhood just a few blocks away. Now... I'm not saying there is a geocache involved here... oh, no... I wouldn't be so obvious as that, but...

This is a free, honor library which asks that you may "take a book, leave a book". Good thing I had a spare paperback in the trunk of my car, eh?? Inside is a shelf with adult books on it, with childrens books lower, below the shelf.

What a great idea!!

Have a great day exploring your town!

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