Sunday, 11 November 2007

A New Blogger

OK... I've got a blog out in the blog-o-sphere. Now what? I'ts all Parky's fault... no, really! All I wanted to do was get a limited edition Starbucks card from him (through his podcast: This Week In London at Well, who says you can get something for nothing?? Hrumph!

Soooooooooo... I wanted this card, still, but I needed to post a comment, and somehow signed up for a free blogspot page in order to do so. Easy peasy, right?? Not so much.

As a future podcaster, I needed a blog anyway, and my personal one wouldn't do, so here it is. Tiggrztravels. Enjoy the future posts. Enjoy the fickr pic when I figure out how to post them on here. Enjoy my frustrations at writing a blog. Someone should, grrrrrrrrr.

Thanks Parky!!

Next... More about me!

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