Sunday, 25 November 2007

Podcast, Podcasters and Podcasting

I love gadgets, lets just leave it at that, ok? well... ok I really love gadgets. But, I am not a geek, honestly. I wish I were because then I'd know HTML coding, and understand all the geeky podcasts I've listened to.

Two years ago, I bought my first iPod. I bought a Fourth generation 20gig, photo capable iPod. Yeah, the one that had the national battery recall just AFTER I left for Afghanistan so that I bought a 30gig video as back-up. (or was it the other way around?)

Anyway, I bought my first iPod while on a seven week tour of duty in Egypt. Don't ask me where, as I was in the middle of the Qatar Depression at the time. Google it, it's in the middle of the Egyptian desert somewhere. (and you thought there was no connection to the "travels" part of this blog). I ordered it online, just as Apple was offering a great special... buy the special Hogwarts engraved iPod and the 6 available Harry Potter books on audiobooks and save $50! WOW! That hooked me. I love audiobooks and since I can listen for 7 hours a day at work, they keep us sane at the post office :)

Back to Podcasting: My new iPod was waiting for me when I got home a few weeks later, just in time for my birthday. Unfortunately, I had to confiscate it from my son who had opened the box and already loaded it with HIS music!!

So, now I had an iPod... after doing all the syncing and loading required, I started exploring iTunes and just clicked on things to see what happened. I found the podcast button in the library section, but it was empty. Hrumph. But, soon I found the iTunes Store, and the plethera of podcasts available (not quite so many in late 2005 as now, but still, quite a few).

The first two podcasts I subscribed to were Comedy365 with Sowerby and Luff (, and the World Soccer Daily (
Since then, I've subscribed to many different podcasts and currently have over 70 in my iTunes Library. Some seem to have faded, but I'm not ready to drop them. Some I am still listening to back issues/shows/casts of, and will catch up eventually, others I listen to as soon as they drop into my library.
In future blogs, I'll be telling you about the podcasts I listen to, and why they are still on my list. I hope you find new ones to add you YOUR library, and possibly leave a comment about your favorites.

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