Sunday, 11 November 2007

OK, this is the post where I attempt to put a picture in here.

Wow! It worked. Ooooooooooh I can get more creative on the next post.

Right, I said this post would be about me, so I'll try and not bore you silly. True or False:

1. This is really what I look like.

2. I have a beautiful grandson.

3. I have been around the world several times due to the generosity of my government.

4. I have a framed poster of the most poisonous snakes and spiders of Australia on one wall.

5. I have two grown sons.

6. I support the Portsmouth Football Club

7. I'm an anglophile and can trace at least one branch to each of the four countries of Great Britian.

8. I have had both haggis and black pudding without gagging.

9. I live within one mile of the blue Smurf Turf.

10. I work for the CIA

answers on a postcard to address below:

hint: which two are false??

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