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Originally posted on Bubblews August 2014

I am an avid traveler. I could end this with that statement, but who would want to read just that? As an avid traveler, I am always dreaming, planning or talking about the next trip I have planned, or the one after that, or the one after that. As of this moment, I am traveling in September, October and November. More on that as I +travel.

Also, I am always looking for unique +apps, websites, blogs or other ways to save money or time without compromising safety and comfort. Future posts will touch on ways which I either want to try out or which I have actual experience with.

Last September I was part of a group of friends which met up in +NYC New York City. I had several opportunities to use a new "hire car" service called &Uber (www.uber.com). Before leaving home, I set up an account, connected my account to a credit card, and I was all set.

Here's how it works: You order the type of car you need. You see on the app the name of the driver, they type of car with number plate, a picture of the driver and on a map exactly where and how far away it is. In four uses, the driver was never more than FIVE minutes away. Much closer than the end of the taxi rank at the airport. You can follow the progress of the driver on the map, watching the icon of the car coming to your location.

The nice thing is, you need no cash. The app tells you how much the ride will be, and a reasonable gratuity is added on, and when you get to your destination you get out, thank the driver, and are on your way.

All my Uber experiences in both New York City and Washington DC have been with professionally dressed (suit and tie) drivers, very nice immaculate sedans or SUVs. In the case of the SUV we called for four persons, there was even enough ice cold bottled water for everyone.

According to their website for prospective drivers, Über requires a newer vehicle and maximum personal insurance. Drivers are also covered under a commercial policy for rideshare  drivers.

I will not hesitate to call Uber again. Uber is not in every city, and taxi companies have a definite problem with "rogue" car services, but they are a quality service for me. However, my cabbie friend will not ride with them again, as they are not regulated "hire" cars.

The choice is up to you.

Comment here or on Bubblews (&Tiggr) if you have ever, or would ever, used a company like Uber.

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