Tuesday, 23 September 2014

It Took Thirty Years to Get There...

Dateline: London, 2003

 My first trip to the UK in 30 years. My first was in 1973. I vowed not to wait another 30 years, and I've kept that vow!

This trip I did a quick day trip to London, as I was home based in Hull, Yorkshire. My friend Suzy and I must have walked 10 miles, and we saw the outside of almost every tourist site in the City!

St. Paul's Cathedral? (It has been 11 years!)
Walking across Tower Bridge towards the Tower of London. I had visited the Tower in 1973, and it was still old. Well worth the time to take the tour.

Looking back through one of the Tower Bridge's arches.

Me. The Thames. The Bridge.

This was in October, and Harrod's famous London store. This was the first week that the very first Krispy Kreme Donut shop in the entire UK was open, and it was in the basement of Harrods', in their food court. Suzy and I bought three dozen and took them as gifts to friends... well, those which were left.

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