Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Photos from The Historic Dockyard

HMS Warrior- View from the Harbor
These photos go with my two Bubbles and the last post on this blog about the Historic Dockyards in Portsmouth, England. All these photos were taken in 2005. Any errors are mine.

Historic Dockyard- Masts of HMS Victory

The Harbour Tour is great. I was there in February and it was toasty warm inside the tour boat. All part of the admission.

Previous Mary Rose Museum/Gift/Tea Shop

The Mary Rose Museum has a new building since I was there. The hull of the ship is now on display, after years of treating the wood ship with continuous spraying of preservation liquid.

HMS Victory

    One of my best of the HMS Victory.

HMS Warrior

Mary Rose

HMS Victory  

HMS Victory

Figurehead- Lord Horatio Nelson

HMS Victory

HMS Warrior and the Spinnaker Tower

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